How Rose Vouchers helped Ferdaushi’s family

fruit in bowls

I was contacted by children’s centre staff during the lockdown to give us support and offer us Rose Vouchers. We didn’t have the Rose Vouchers before, but my four-year-old daughter has a chronic cough and asthmatic problems, so I am worried about going out. The staff said they could post us vouchers to help with our shopping. 

I am really thankful for the Rose Vouchers. I shopped more at supermarkets before but now go to North End Road Market. I can buy the fruit and veg we need with the vouchers and make meals. I feel happier shopping at the market.

I’m making more meals at home now as my daughter isn’t at nursery. I prefer to make homemade food as I can cook and like to prepare fresh food for my daughter. Meat is more expensive, so we eat a lot of vegetables, my daughter likes fruit and vegetables a lot. 

It’s easier with the vouchers to manage money, and we can buy the fruit and veg we need. The vouchers have helped the whole family. It’s a really great initiative, some people can’t go out to collect them, so we’re really grateful to have them posted to us by the children’s centre.

I’m just thankful to have the Rose Vouchers, I hope the project can continue.”