How Rose Vouchers helped Lina’s family

“Using the Rose Vouchers is very easy and helps a lot. It’s a great financial help and amazing to have the opportunity to buy the fruit and veg I want as a single parent. The prices on the van are fair, and I can get quite a lot with even three vouchers a week.

What I usually do is come and get the vouchers from the Children’s Centre, then go straight to the van and buy what we need. I’m practical and cook for the week, so I make a list of what I need from the van. During Covid I’d say to the man on the van what I needed, and he’d get it all for me. That was really helpful. Sometimes I can get carrots for 50p and get a bag of potatoes for a pound. The van is great for basics, it has everything you need.

Once they had red oranges, that was amazing. These are usually so pricy at the supermarket, but I can get them at for the van for £1. The watermelons on the van are really good too, nicer than at the supermarket.

My son is two and a half and really likes fruit, we have a fruit basket in the house, and he picks what he wants. He’s very good for his age. It’s a big deal as a single parent to have more choice to buy different things.”