How Rose Vouchers helped Louise’s family

Alexandra Rose Project Vouchers

“Before I couldn’t afford to get enough meat and veg and everything. I was skipping meals to be able to afford to get enough fruit and veg and meat for the kids. I would buy the fruit and veg for the children and then I would have toast for dinner. 

I couldn’t afford a lot of different vegetables – only cabbage, frozen peas and sweetcorn. The kids would get the stuff that was cheaper because that’s what I could afford. Whereas now the kids get a multitude of things [fruit and veg]. I would never have bought beetroot before. For what you get [size-wise] I would never have bought it because it’s too expensive for what you get. But my daughter loves beetroot. 

Not having very much money, I used to go to Iceland and buy frozen food. With baked beans or cabbage or something.  

Rose Vouchers basically made me go from someone cooking chicken nuggets and chips with one type of veg, and then here’s a banana, because that’s all I could afford, to now where I can give the kids a nice meal with 1-2 types of vegetables. With pudding as well – crumbles and jellies with fruit inside them.”