How Rose Vouchers helped Melinda’s family

“When my daughter was a couple of months old, the children’s centre contacted me to let me know about Rose Vouchers. They’ve really helped. Even with £3 a week I can buy oranges, bananas, kiwi’s, grapes, all the fruit my daughter loves for snacks.

I buy half a bag of potatoes which lasts two weeks and makes really good mashed potato. I cook every second day and make different vegetable soups for my daughter, which we can have over the next couple of days. I grew up having homemade soup every day, and it’s so nice to be able to make this for my daughter.

It works well shopping at the van. The man there is very friendly. I usually shop weekly but sometimes save my vouchers and go every two weeks and top up with my own money too.

My daughter loves everything, she tries everything I give her and eats what I eat. She doesn’t have sweets, and there’s no day when she doesn’t have fruit. I’m so, so happy that she’s eating lots of fruit and really thankful for the vouchers.”