How Rose Vouchers helped Susan’s family

fruit in blender

“I started receiving the Rose Vouchers about six months ago, when staff at my playgroup recommended them to me for my youngest son, who was 7 months old at the time. I hadn’t heard of the vouchers before, but they’ve really helped us, I just want to say thank you.

When I started weaning my youngest he had bad constipation. This was around the same time I started getting the vouchers, so I bought more fruit and made him some fresh orange juice. He drunk that down and almost straight away his bowels were better. I hadn’t realised fruit and veg would make such a difference. Since that day he hasn’t had any problems. Now he feeds himself and knows what fruit he wants. I know I can give him fruit every day and it’s such a relief.

At the market I can get more than at the supermarket. Whole bowls of fruit for £1. Before I had the vouchers I didn’t have enough fruit and veg for everyone in my family, now I do. The Rose Vouchers are doing a lot in our home, giving me less anxiety and worry about where our food is going to come from.

Now I look forward to going shopping and being able to buy fruit and veg. I have changed our snacks from crisps to fruit, my older two boys are happy they can have the fruit they want, they like to have more than one piece at a time. I can also include fruit in their lunch boxes.

It’s really great they’ve increased the amount of vouchers per child and included older siblings. Before I was getting vouchers for my 7 month old, but now I also have some vouchers for my 10 year old son, who loves fruit, so this makes a big difference. With more fruit and veg from the extra vouchers, we’ve really introduced healthy food for the whole family.

The vouchers have also helped my niece to lose weight. We’d tried everything before that the Doctor and her school recommended, but having more fruit and veg at home has been the biggest help. We’ve been making lots of smoothies for breakfast, which is what has really made the difference for her. She’s like a different child now.

I hope the vouchers can continue for a long time. There’s not much to support families on low-incomes and the Rose Vouchers really make a big difference to poorer families.”