How Rose Vouchers helped Tanya’s family

fruit and veg box

“I was made redundant in June last year and finding it difficult to find work as a single parent and needing part-time hours. I have a three year old son who loves vegetables, because of my financial situation I wasn’t able to buy as much as we needed. My Dad would sometimes be able to give us some veg he had to help, but the last two weeks of the month were especially hard.

I started receiving Rose Vouchers at the end of 2019 and they’ve really kept me going. I now have a part-time job and doing better with my finances but still need the vouchers to help us get through. My £3 a week from the Rose Vouchers, and £3.10 from Healthy Start really are a life-saver. I couldn’t have coped without them.

I shop at Brixton market and have been able to keep using my vouchers there during the current crisis to get what I need. For my son’s packed lunches I can now include fruit. I like to get lots of veg for my son as he loves so many different things, especially raw carrot, broccoli, green beans, cucumber and apple. As we have more fruit and veg now, I’m eating more too, as I eat what my son is eating, so I eat better.

I was using the children’s centre services before I found out about Rose Vouchers, for extra support and for my son’s nursery. The vouchers saved me, and I’m very grateful for the children’s centre support.

I’m just really thankful that the voucher scheme was there to support me when I needed it.”