How Rose Vouchers make a difference

Fruit and veg stall

Before I received Rose Vouchers I couldn’t afford to splash out on fruit and veg.  My kids are aged 7, 3 and 2.  They love strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and oranges – they can eat a whole bag of oranges all in one sitting.  I used to go to the market with £2, £3 and hope that I could get enough fruit & veg to last for the week, but it was never enough money.  Sometimes I wouldn’t even go to the market because I didn’t have any money for fruit and veg.

It’s great that Rose Vouchers are for the market because you get so much more for your money there – watermelons are half the price of the supermarket.  The traders help me to make best use of my vouchers – they’ll give me two halves of a £1 scoop if that’s what I want. 

My eldest, Tonya, likes to make smoothies.  I bought a smoothie maker years ago, but I’d packed it away because I couldn’t afford any fresh fruit and veg to use in it. Now she loves making up her own recipes and I can let her experiment because I’m not worrying about every last penny.  Her favourite smoothie right now is spinach, strawberry and banana.

The vouchers have increased my kid’s appetites and their tastes for new flavours.  Tonya is so chatty and curious – when I’m cooking she asks “What’s that?”.  I was making sardine and veg stew the other day and all 3 of them loved it.  Sam, my 3 year old, is a huge fan of the Hulk so I tell him spinach will make you as strong as the Hulk – he gobbles it all up.

I suffer from psoriasis, but it’s calmed down a lot since I started receiving the Rose Vouchers.  It was stressful before I had the vouchers.  When my kids would ask for something like apples and I couldn’t afford them, I’d have to say “sorry, not this time”.  It was a horrible feeling.  Now I can choose fruit and veg that we all want to eat and it’s such a relief.

Rose Vouchers don’t feel like charity, even though I know they are. No-one looks down on me, and it helps me to give my children the start that I want to give them, and I know that they need.”