Testimonials from families

mum and baby

“Personally, I feel I have more energy now, not as tired as I used to be; I am breastfeeding my youngest at the moment, so this is great. I used to not eat a lot of fruit and veg, but have been making a lot of juices with things I can buy from the van, so I am enjoying fruit and veg more and more. 

When I start to introduce solid food into my eldest child’s diet, it will be easy! Also, when my youngest starts to eat solid food, it will be normal and accepted that you eat lots of fruit and veg.”
Mum, Belle Vale, Liverpool

“Rose Vouchers are a big help. I am a single mother so sometimes things are really hard. Rose Vouchers really help with saving money. This is the best thing for a mother – the chance to be healthy and to feed their children healthy food so they can grow and be healthy. Saves on shopping for expensive baby food, I can now make soups and soft meals for my child from the fruit and veg from the van.” Mum, Granby, Liverpool

“Rose Vouchers have really impacted positively in my life. I was lonely when I had my baby and didn’t have much money, but when I started coming to the Children’s Centre, I met friends and the Rose Vouchers helped me financially.” Parent from Jubilee Children’s Centre, Lambeth

Sarah and her son turned the corner into the car park where the van parked for the session. Her son started to run towards the van, all smiles and clearly excited. I laughed, saying how nice it was that he was so excited to come to the van. His mother laughed and responded: “Best part of the week is coming to the bus. He loves it! 

As my son has sensory needs, the supermarket can be very stressful and scary for him, and he can’t really get involved in the shopping process. However, the van makes it easier for him to explore and try foods.” Mum, Liverpool

“We both got through flu this year for the first time without any trips to A&E. For the first time in my son’s life. He fought it off with his own defences – his immune system must have improved.” Parent, Hackney

“I am a vegetarian, but we used to struggle to afford a variety of fruit and vegetables for my diet, as well as ensuring the children have plenty of meat (as both are very expensive). Now I can afford all this fruit and veg, which is great for me and my children. Their diet has improved, becoming more balanced and healthy. Although it is usually quite hard to admit you need and to ask for help, the people at the centre and on the van are easy to approach and friendly, so I do not feel bad about going and shopping there.” Mum, Granby, Liverpool

“We stopped buying ready meals as they’re expensive, and we have more ingredients to cook with now.” Parent, Hammersmith & Fulham

“My little girl loves choosing what fruit to get from the van and now has such a love for strawberries that we were inspired to go strawberry picking on a farm in Warrington a few weekends ago!” Mum, Liverpool