Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project

Through the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project we help to increase access to fruit and veg by giving families the spending power to be able to make healthier food choices.

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About Us

Founded by Queen Alexandra in 1912, Alexandra Rose Charity has a 109-year history of supporting people experiencing poverty in the UK.  Read…

How to get Rose Vouchers

If you would like to receive Rose Vouchers please see the list of locations where the project currently runs, to find your local participating children’s centre. Read…

Where we work

We are currently running the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg project in seven locations around the UK. Read…

How Rose Vouchers helped Bushra’s family

“The Rose Vouchers were recommended to me during the Coronavirus crisis by the Community Manager at the children’s centre I use. I’m pregnant and have a three year old daughter.” Read…

Latest news

11 October 2021

£1 million Rose Vouchers spent since 2014

We’re thrilled to tell you that over 1,000,000 Rose Vouchers have now been spent by families across the UK since the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project began in 2014! Read…

5 October 2021

COPN Fresh Conversation with Jonathan Pauling: Friday 8 October 2021

Hear from our Chief Executive, Jonathan Pauling on what it really means to support a healthy and independent local food economy, and what we can do collectively to support it to thrive. Read…

1 October 2021

Southwark Market Traders help families access fresh fruit & veg

Over the last three years, market traders in Southwark have helped over 1,000 local families to access over £250,000 worth of fruit and vegetables through the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg. Read…

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