Alexandra Rose Project Barnsley

In 2016 Barnsley won the national competition to become our first out of London project. Since then it has grown to become one of the biggest projects in our stable with over 240 families supported by 5 family centres across the area. In central ward we work with Barnsley Market which is over 600 years old and at the heart of the town centre.

Barnsley Council is currently undertaking a massive redevelopment of the town centre and sees the market as a key platform for driving future economic growth. Their brilliant new market, which has over 100 stalls, is now open.

We currently work with 4 traders on the market, as well as one greengrocer and market trader in Wombwell, and a retailer in New Lodge.

In 2017 we partnered with Sheffield University in Barnsley to deliver the FRESH Street initiative. This project is worked with two streets in the Athersley area and tested the idea of giving vouchers for fruit and veg to every household. Athersley is one of the poorest wards in Barnsley and falls within the 10 percent most deprived in UK. The aim of the programme was to measure the health impact of giving fruit and veg vouchers to low income communities, with improvements tracked via the Yorkshire Health Survey.

We are proud that in November 2017 the project in Barnsley won the Early Intervention Award at the Children & Young People Now Awards held in London, demonstrating the impact of the Rose Vouchers Project in this area.