• Project launched: 2016
  • Markets and greengrocers: Barnsley Market, AG Greengrocer, Lottie’s Deli & Delights, Smiths Fruit Stores, Stall at Barnsley Hospital and Levesleys Quality Produce
  • Number of centres distributing Rose Vouchers: 10 
  • How to get Rose Vouchers in Barnsley

Barnsley was our first location outside of London to launch Rose Vouchers. Since its launch in 2016, it has grown to become one of our biggest project areas, supporting thousands of families. We work with Barnsley Market at the heart of the town centre, where a fantastic selection of fruit and veg is available. 

Having Rose Vouchers has changed the whole way I do things. I go out walking more now to pick up the vouchers, then head to the market in town. I cook more from fresh, instead of saying, “I can microwave this or put it in the oven”. I get my son more involved with making meals too.

Rachael, Parent, Barnsley

Rose Vouchers have helped raise awareness of the market in general and show families what they can get here. It’s a great footfall driver for us and encourages people to ‘shop local’.

Rachel Harban, Business Development Manager, Barnsley Council