• Project launched: 2014 
  • Markets and greengrocers: Ridley Road Market, Hoxton Street Market, Stamford Hill 
  • Number of locations distributing Rose Vouchers:
  • How to Get Rose Vouchers in Hackney

Hackney was the site for the original pilot for Rose Vouchers in 2014. Families spend their Rose Vouchers at the brilliant Ridley Road Market, which has a great range of fruit and veg on offer.  In 2017 we were delighted to welcome a market trader from Hoxton Street Market to the project, along with our first shop in Stamford Hill in 2018.  

Parents in Hackney have shared that they are feeling healthier and happier as a result of receiving Rose Vouchers, and in some cases, identifying specific health benefits that they attribute to the change in their diet. 

We both got through flu this year for the first time without any trips to A&E. For the first time in my son’s life, he fought it off with his own defences – his immune system must have improved.

Parent, Hackney