Hackney was the site of the original pilots for Rose Vouchers back in 2014. Over the years since then we have continued to work with Ridley Road Market where our original project traders are still involved in the scheme. In late 2017 we were pleased to welcome a new market trader from Hoxton Street Market and in 2018 our first shop in Stamford Hill. 

One of the children’s centres who distribute the vouchers in Hackney, Comet Children’s Centre, has also set up a monthly food co-op with the help of St Hilda’s Community Centrewhich has also proved hugely popular. 

Families in the area who are receiving the vouchers have told us that the project has really helped them to save money on their weekly shop. Not only are the vouchers providing extra income but shopping at the market meant they saved money on the rest of their weekly shop, with one family revealing they are now saving over £30 per week!

“Before the fruit basket was empty, now it’s always full.”

The parents also talk about feeling healthier and happier as a result of the project and in some cases, identifying specific health benefits that they attribute to the change in their diet.

“We both got through flu this year for the first time without any trips to A&E. For the first time in my son’s life he fought it off with his own defences – his immune system must have improved.”

In March 2018 we were delighted to be able expanded the project to Linden Children’s Centre.