Alexandra Rose Project Glasgow

Supported by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow based Community Food Activist, David Cairns, we launched the Rose Vouchers project in Glasgow in October 2020. 

We had hoped to launch earlier in the year during the Spring, however our plans were delayed due to the impact of the pandemic.

We are working partnership with some great community organisations; West of Scotland Housing Association, Thriving Places, and Church House Bridgeton who are distributing the vouchers to families on low-incomes in the Calton area.

A family receives £4 of Rose Vouchers for each child, every week, or £6 if the child is under one year old. Older siblings up to the age of 11 years are also eligible for the vouchers. Families are able to spend their vouchers on fresh fruit and veg with market trader Firm Banana at their Bridgeton stall on Tuesdays and Fridays.

“We know access to healthy food is a daily struggle for many families and this has only been made more difficult by the pandemic. We hope the project can help address some of these challenges but also support the development of a healthy and sustainable food system in the City.”

Jonathan Pauling, Chief Executive, Alexandra Rose Charity