Alexandra Rose Project Southwark
  • Project launched: 2018 
  • Markets and greengrocers: East Street Market, Peckham traders, St George the Martyr Food Cooperative 
  • Number of centres distributing Rose Vouchers: 6
  • How to Get Rose Vouchers in Southwark

The project in Southwark works in partnership with 1st Place Children and Parents’ Centre who support a network of children’s centres and community organisations to deliver the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project.

Our work in Southwark is part of a larger and ground-breaking approach to tackle childhood obesity, funded by Impact on Urban Health, who are committed to achieving health equity by helping urban areas become healthier places for everyone to live.

Families are really pleased to be part of our Rose Vouchers Project, and often express how much they appreciate the difference it makes in terms of them being able to buy fruit and vegetables more freely, and ensure these are a natural and regular part of their children’ diets. They also enjoy the face-to-face contact and chats when they come to collect their Rose Vouchers – this gives them the opportunity to highlight needs relating to their children’s development, which we are able to offer support for, and the chance to find out more and be part of our 1st Place Children’s Centre – and Rose Voucher! – community.

Ariela Cravitz, Rose Voucher Project and Volunteer Co-ordinator, 1st Place Children & Parents’ Centre

The Rose Vouchers contribute to my lunch, dinner, snacks — all of them. My three kids love fruit. Everyday they eat fruit and veg. Before I wasn’t able to get broccoli, sprouts, okra, papaya — it used to be three pounds something for one. The vouchers have helped us a lot. I can have lots of fruit now, I can get them. We have enough.

Elene, Mum, Southwark

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