Alexandra Rose Project Liverpool

A unique difference of the Rose Vouchers project in Liverpool is the lack of easy access to local markets to use in the areas where the project was most needed. As a solution, the Liverpool partners proposed joining a local company that operated mobile fruit & veg vans selling fresh produce.  

This alternative retail model has helped us prove that Rose Vouchers can work in areas where street markets do not currently exist.  

The project in Liverpool would not have been possible without the effort and enthusiasm of Lucy Antal – a local healthy & sustainable food advocate. Lucy has worked tirelessly to bring the project to the City and since its set up has helped build profile and support for the scheme locally. 

It’s such a positive shopping experience using the fruit & veg van. It’s become a habit for me now to take my granddaughter to collect our Rose Vouchers and have a play at the Children’s Centre, then go to the van where she chooses what she wants. Bananas are her favourite, though she’ll try anything. It’s a nice routine for us; we make a day of it.

Esther, Grandparent, Liverpool